leader's speech

leader's speech

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A platform of nine layers high starts from base soil and a journey of thousands of miles starts from a single step.

Xinlantian Huifeng always adheres to the core corporate values of “Steel-like Solid Commitment & Iron-like Firm Reputation” and the beautiful vision of “becoming the most reliable steel structure manufacturer”, strives to pursue excellent products, makes technological innovation constantly, and pursues perfect quality bit by bit. So far, Xinlantin Huifeng has mastered advanced processing equipment and technology level and occupied “one third” market of the local steel structure industry.

How time flies! Xinlantian Huifeng has gone through more than ten years of winds and rains, during which, we have experienced phoenix nirvana and got rebirth. Moreover, support from sincere friends in all circles makes Xinlantian Huifeng more confidence in every step forward. Xinlantian people are always grateful and always bear in mind that “she throws a quince to me, I give her a green jade”.

Facing new blueprint for development and new opportunities, all Xinlantian Huifeng staff improves themselves constantly, forge ahead continuously and always aim high. Modern Steel Structure, as an emerging enterprise that can realize sustainable development, is erecting a vigorous landmark steel structure building with its thriving vitality and broad market prospects. Relying on foresight and sagacity on the enterprise’s long-term development strategy, management layer of Xinlantian Huifeng accelerates adjusting product structure, constantly optimizes and reforms the company’s internal organization, work flow and management idea, give full play to the good mechanism to rapid market response. Furthermore, sophisticated technology, high-quality staff team, first-class complete sets of processing equipment and comprehensive advantages in inspection equipment provide endless power for our stable and continuous performance growth and for the bright future of our customers.

When the water is still, it will be clear; when the fire does not dance, it appears bright; when the mind is calm, one can observe all things. Xinlantian Huifeng will concentrate to seek for common development and create a bright future together with friends in all walks of life.



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